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Cash4ERP - platform for treasury and cash flow management

Cash4ERP transforms strategic finance management from a theoretical vision to an operational reality

Today, CFOs and finance managers face a variety of challenges in many areas. Their ultimate goal, however, is clear and focused: they must minimize costs and maximize revenue by optimizing cashflow, in real time and at the corporate level.

Reality imposes constant changes on an organizations finance and treasury aspects. . The pressure on these professionals is both from inside and from outside the enterprise. Market conditions force them to be more and more involved in all operational and strategic aspects of the organizations activities, and regulations like SOX and IFRS generate commitments towards external entities.

Without suitable technologies, these challenges will remain unmet by finance and treasury departments.

Cash4ERP is a flexible software solution designed to assist you in achieving your business goals quickly and effortlessly.

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» Functional Specification

» Advanced Built-In Tools

» 360-Degree Visibility from a Single Central Interface

» Real-Time Monitoring of Past, Present, and Future Scenarios

» Integration with Enterprise ERP and Other Business Processes

» Technology

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