Cash4ERP | CB I.T Signs Distribution Agreement with Business&Decision for the Sale and Implementatation of AGR-e Cash4ERP
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CB I.T Signs Distribution Agreement with Business&Decision for the Sale and Implementatation of AGR-e Cash4ERP

CB I.T Signs Distribution Agreement with Business&Decision for the Sale and Implementatation of AGR-e Cash4ERP
An agreement for the sale and implementation of the Cash4ERP financial desktop was signed between Business&Decision and CB I.T., the exclusive representative of AGR-e’s Cash4ERP in Israel.
AGR-e is a subsidiary of CB I.T., a company that provides consulting, implementation, infrastructure development and consulting services for ERP systems and acts as the group’s product arm. Business & Decision is a global enterprise that specializes in consulting and integration of business intelligence (BI) solutions, managing consultancy and eBusiness. The company operates knowledge centers that, among others, provide advanced solutions for financial enterprise management.
“The agreement with Business&Decision is part of the strategy of AGR-e to increase its market share both in Israel and internationally, through business partners,” said IshaY Shniadower, the company’s CEO. “The years of experience and reputation of Business&Decision combined with financial systems and projects will further drive Cash4ERP success in the local and global markets.”
“Cash4ERP is a great addition to the basket of products we implement in many companies and organizations. The solution brings about business effectiveness and optimum management and control by management”, said Michael Ben Shabat, CEO, Business&Decision Israel. “We tested the product and found it to provide a quality solution that contributes to financial management, and helps reach optimum decisions in the day-to-day general and financial management.”
Cash4ERP enables CFOs and treasurers to maintain full control of financial transactions and to accurately forecast various cash flows while relying on different scenarios. The solution facilitates the establishment, management and ongoing operation of treasury ledgers; short, medium, and long-term financial planning; analysis of plan versus execution; management of the communication with banks, and definition and operation of treasury objects. Cash4ERP provides data unification and integrity, which are obtained through mining data from potential information sources, ERP systems, central external systems, monetary data, and more.
Cash4ERP allows administering and monitoring cash flows by providing an integrated and individual view of the entire cash flow cycle. The solution can transparently connect to ERP systems (SAP and Oracle), and maintain bidirectional connectivity for updating and retrieving data simultaneously and in real time. This connectivity guarantees consistency of financial data, ensuring liquidity and control over bank balances and debits. The work processes that are built into Cash4ERP reflect leading best practices in the enterprise’s treasury and cash-flow management.

About AGR-e
AGR-e provides financial solutions for the desktop of CFO in general and treasury managements in particular. AGR-e develops and distributes Cash4ERP and Bank Reconciliation products, a daily operations solutions that allows CFOs to properly manifest their professional judgment, and which effectively connects between the CFO and the enterprise’s finance department.
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