Cash4ERP | Ytzhak Raphael, Amdocs’ Financial ERP Manager, Participates in Meeting with Financial Consultants Organized by AGR-e
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Ytzhak Raphael, Amdocs’ Financial ERP Manager, Participates in Meeting with Financial Consultants Organized by AGR-e

Ytzhak Raphael, Amdocs’ Financial ERP Manager, Participates in Meeting with Financial Consultants Organized by AGR-e
“We selected Cash4ERP over other international vendors after a careful evaluation and assessment of the solution versus our requirements”
AGR-e held a special event for financial consultants that featured the company’s financial desktop system – Cash4ERP. Ishay Shniadower, AGR-e CEO, said that “the challenges CEOs face today are varied and span a wide spectrum of fields. However, their end objective is clear and focused: to reduce costs and increase yields by optimizing cash flow in real time at the entire organizational level, and by intelligently managing risks.”Shniadower also indicated that Cash4ERP enables CFOs to cope optimally with the management of their organization’s cash flow, which is one of the three most important elements that provide value to a company and ensure its success. He also stated that the purpose of the meeting was to expose financial advisors, who provide consulting services to various types of customers in SAP and Oracle environments, to the features and capabilities of the system and its implementations.
During the event, Tzahi Raphel, Amdocs’ Financial ERP Manager, reviewed the process of selection of Cash4ERP by Amdocs over various international competitors.
Amdocs’ financial setup is extremely complex and distributed globally, with many companies and hundreds of bank accounts. The company appointed a dedicated team that was in charge of finding potential suppliers and requesting proposals. Upon receipt of the responses, the team evaluated the various vendors, including their technical and application capabilities, and obtained references from other customers. At the same time, they made an accurate evaluation of the solutions proposed. At the end of the process, they conducted a careful assessment meeting, during which they selected Cash4ERP.
Asher Ventura, AGR-e VP Products reviewed the features and capabilities of Cash4ERP. He indicated that the system enables CFOs and treasurers to maintain full control over financial transitions, and to accurately foresee various cash flows while relying on different scenarios.
Cash4ERP facilitates the establishment, management and ongoing operation of treasury ledgers; short, medium, and long-term financial planning; analysis of plan versus execution; management of the communication with banks; and definition and operation of treasury objects. Cash4ERP provides data unification and integrity, which are obtained through mining data from potential information sources, ERP systems, central external systems, monetary data, and more.
Cash4ERP allows administering and monitoring cash flows by providing an integrated and individual view of the entire cash flow cycle. The solution can transparently connect to ERP systems (SAP and Oracle), and maintain bidirectional connectivity for updating and retrieving data simultaneously and in real time. This connectivity guarantees consistency of financial data, ensuring liquidity and control over bank balances and debits. The work processes that are built into Cash4ERP reflect leading best practices in the enterprise’s treasury and cash-flow management.
AGR-e is a subsidiary of CB I.T., a company that provides consulting, implementation, infrastructure development and consulting services for ERP systems and acts as the group’s product arm. AGR-e provides financial solutions for the desktop of CFO in general and treasury managements in particular. The company’s flagship products are, Cash4ERP and Bank Reconciliation, which are daily operations solutions that allows CFOs to properly manifest their professional judgment, and which effectively connects between the CFO and the enterprise’s finance department.

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